In this section are listed the minimum software requirements to be able to navigate the Town Hall website and enjoy all its features.



1) Resolution


The website is optimized for desktop, and other mobile equipment.



2) Browsers


We advise you to use the following browsers:


- Internet Explorer v.9 or higher;

- Google Chrome;

- Mozilla Firefox;

- Safari;


Note: In Internet explorer version 8 and because it is already an old browser, it does not read html code 5, so the website may appear unconfigured and not work properly.



3) Javascript


The Website uses Javascript in many of its features. If you happen to receive a message while browsing, informing you that your browser does not support javascript (Version 1.0 or higher), it means that you will not be able to access various features (Submit forms, filtering among others).


To fix this issue make sure your browser version supports Javascript (1.0 or higher) or if it is simply disabled.


If this is the case, consult your browser's documentation.



4) Cookies


The website uses cookies.


The cookies used are small files that are stored on your computer (in temporary internet files) with information about your preferences, operating system or data verification during your visit, so that we can recognize and better serve the next time we visit this website.


You can delete cookies whenever you want and / or wish.



5) Documents


Applications for viewing documents available for download if you find it difficult to read the documents on the website, see the various links to applications that allow you to view various types of documents in the list below.


(PDF Documents - Adobe Acrobat ©), download the viewer - Adobe Acrobat Reader.


(Microsoft Word Documents ©), download the viewer - Word viewer.


(Microsoft Excel Documents ©), download the viewer - Excel viewer.

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